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At Powder Coating Plus Northwest in Billings, we take great pride in delivering prompt service for all of your powder coating or industrial painting needs.

Powder Coating Plus offers all phases of powder coating and industrial painting preparation and finishing

At Powder Coating Plus we use aluminum oxide media for the initial removal of mill scale, rust or pre-existing finishes. Aluminum oxide is harder than most media, typically used in our industry, however, due to its aluminum origin; it does not generate heat like other products such as silica sand or garnet. Aluminum oxide thusly is a preferred media for stripping auto body parts or other vulnerable metals.

When powder coating, we use a high temperature, high pressure wand wash system, incorporated with iron phosphate to clean and pre-treat the surface to be coated. Iron phosphate is driven into the pores of the metal to clean oils or other contaminates. In addition to cleaning, iron phosphate ensures powder adhesion and rust prevention.Once and item has been washed and immediately dried in the oven, to prevent flash rust, it is then ready for the application of the powder.

To apply the powder we have constructed a 40 foot long, fully enclosed powder spray room, similar to a paint booth. The powder spray room is fully enclosed to prevent the over spray of powder from entering the atmosphere of the facility potentially causing contamination of other projects. The spray room is filtered by zero discharge filter modules, meaning there is no powder discharged. The filter modules trap all unused powder to be disposed of properly afterwards.

After the application of the chosen finish, the item is then placed in our 12’x12’x36′ curing oven, the largest in the region, for the final step. Most powder products cure at 340-400 degrees, once the surface temperature of the item reaches its required temperature it must dwell for 10 minutes to fully cure the powder.

Once removed from the oven a final inspection takes place. No project leaves our facility without conforming to our high standards.

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Looking for information about the powder coating process and its benefits? Already know you want something powder coated and have questions about the powder coating services we offer? Either way, our site is designed to help you quickly and easily find the information you need about powder coating services from Powder Coating Plus Northwest in Billings. Can’t find the information about powder coating you need? Feel free to give us a call or stop by our shop. We would love to hear from you.

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Powder coating provides unmatched durability, beauty, and value. Much superior to traditional painting; the strong, thick, and durable coating resulting from the advanced powder coating processes we use will protect and beautify your valuable iems for years to come.

With the largest powder coating equipment in the region, we are able to powder coat almost any item you can imagine. From items as small as war medals to large industrial items such as dump truck beds, Powder Coating Plus Northwest has the state of the art equipment and experience to handle any powder coating need you can imagine!