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That's how it actually gets the Batman name, 'cause it has that Batman color scheme of being blue and black.

Yes, blue and black, sorry, fake getting a little mixed up there.

The Submariner's bezel is a unidirectional bezel, replica watches and sunglassesmeaning it only can rotate one way, whereas the GMT can rotate both ways.

It's a 60-minute graduated, scratch-resistant, cericome, ceramic bezel with numerals and graduations coated in a platinum, and that platinum, it's coated in that platinum for that nice look that matches very nicely with the case of the watch and the outer edges of the bezel, as well, keeping a nice, uniform look.

The difference between the two bezels is that once again, fake Rolex day-date the hour hand works with the outer-edge bezel, has a 24-hour bezel to track an additional timezone.

Such as, if you're, let's just say really quickly here, that it's in London, it's 12:20 in London.

Well, you can track a different timezone, let's just say you want to track the Philippines,

which is seven hours ahead, you would just move the hour hand seven hours ahead and you would be tracking both the London time and the home time, which would be the Philippines which is the seven hours ahead.

Whereas the Submariner, ReplicaMagic the tracking of the bezel, for the tracking for the bezel is more for tracking elapsed time.